Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Message From a Muslim

Is there really an attack on Christmas?

If I were to believe what the news media has been projecting this Christmas Holiday Season, those who do not share “Christmas” are images of Rambo, armed to the teeth with his AK-47, shooting reindeer off the rooftops, busting down the doors of people’s living spaces, setting Christmas trees and tinsel a fire, turning over dinner tables and smashing gifts and toys, as little children look on in fear… 

Of course, there is no war on Christmas…just like there is no color to Santa Claus. I heard on TV a young lady talked about what her family told her that Santa Claus had no particular color, and that it all depended on what part of the world he was and with whom.

Lying awake early this morning, giving thanks to Allah or God in gratitude for the goodness and light of the Moon and stars, the light of love and enlightenment in front of the darkness of the fears of the unknown, the joy of the season brings calm to my heart. 

Memories of my early years of childhood play before my mind’s eye. The joy of the season, the joy of my community, the joy of my family and friends, and the joy of my soul.   

Bringing all of that joy I share with you, peace to the world for all of humankind.

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