Friday, February 14, 2014

Allah’s Letter of Love on Valentine’s Day

When I woke up this morning, little could I imagine that an article by the The Guardian, entitled “Male Sexual Orientation Influenced by Genes, Studies Show,” would appear in my life and would provide me with such lovely feelings throughout the day.

I am sure that much to the chagrin of modern-day Islamists, and fence-sitting moderates within the Islamic faith, modern science again provides “daleel,” or evidences, that our biological genes play a role in sexuality. This particular study, which was conducted in the United States, found that at least “two chromosomes affected whether a man was gay or straight.”

Masha Allah!

The socio-cultural and socio-religious homophobic views, including those that dictate homosexuality as being “choice” or “sin” to the masses over the centuries, have been and will continue to be only “human interpretations, biased-evaluations, or false determinations” – judgments that are based solely upon narrowly prescribed “cultural rules” outside of nature and procreation, which is Allah’s purview alone.

I’m sure our Islamic clerical classes, and their followers, will refute such scientific findings and continue to hold onto their misguided beliefs about Allah’s limitations based upon “the traditions of ancient scholars.” For most, they will never stop their sharia-based prosecutions because they fear such knowledge will decrease their positions of power, weaken their intellectual circle’s interpretation of Qur’an, as well as lessen their influence to motivate their followers to feed their historic and culturally-bound bloodlust to kill “homosexuals” – an act that is regularly followed in some majority-Muslim societies, and provides cover for those in Muslim-minority societies to turn a blind-eye to Muslims mass murders in their countries.

Thank you, Allah, my Creator, for your Valentine’s Day gift of boundless love to LGBTQ people everywhere, and you know through my open heart, I continue to love you too. Love and kisses. 

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  1. Beautifully written. That is a wonderful Valentine's Day gift.